Managhair / Alfaparf - Gestión integral de peluquería


Improve your clients record by reading their history record, see what services you have done and products sold.

Complete Information

Access to all the information about services and products sold from the client search screen. You will see the visits and technical history, debts and gift certificates. Write any comment that will be shown on the point of sale terminal.

Managhair Gestión de Clientes

Client Record

A complete client record file with personal data, discounts, points...

Visits history, classification of services by categories; technical, beauty and treatment records, bundles and sessions, even a separate folder to keep files related to that client.

Control privacy settings and send SMS to warn the client with any incident.

Managhair Ficha del Cliente

Best Clients

Managhair Mejores Clientes

See your best clients, number of visits, average ticket, type of preferred services, products purchased and discounts applied.

You can filter the information by employee, type of clients or sex.

Clients Flow

Optimize your calendar and shift schedule with the information from this screen.

You will see the number of clients in and out from the salon, average service time and number of employees at a certain time.

Managhair Ficha del Cliente
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