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Work Roster

Organize your staff roster, shifts, holidays, days-off, etc. in the most efficient way you’ve ever thought. See all this updates in your appointment book.

Work Roster

Design employees working calendar in the most simple way you can imagine. Use express buttons to select bank holidays, vacations, day-off, training days, maternity leave, sick days or any other argument.

Managhair Calendario laboral

Employees shift

Organize employees shift by creating as many as you need.

Assign a shift to your employees and let the system calculate the monthly working hours.

Employees working hours will synchronize with your appointment book.

Managhair Turnos y horarios

Shift utilities

Managhair Copiar horarios entre empleados

If you have several employees with the same working shift, no need to repeat your task, design one employee shift and copy one month or the full year to the rest.

You can edit any copied shift as convenient.

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