Managhair / Alfaparf - Gestión integral de peluquería


Create and edit any service or series, bundles, consumer prescriptions. Discount promotions, link them to services or clients. Everything is done automatically.


Add or edit services easily, create services promotions with promotions or clubs, set different prices for a service depending employee category.

Managhair Gestión de Servicios


Series allow for services and/or products combinations. Offer new services to your clients at a special price.

Create series to be used on one or few visits, even including optional products or services to be chosen by the customer.

Transform a series on a fashion box to make a gift to third parties.

Managhair Packs de Servicios


Managhair Bonos

If you use bundles in your salon, you can control them with managhair, besides controlling commissions for sessions or bundle sales.

Create bundles for any service, color, cut, etc…, you will know at any time how many sessions are left and will be able to send an automatic SMS if the bundle expires soon.

Consumer Prescription

This powerful tool makes easy to create combinations of products and services exclusively for every client.

In front of any specific client need, you may use a consumer prescription to budget a mix service/products solution.

A consumer prescription can be paid in advance or in installments. Managhair will indicate you the number of recommended installments and if you should ask for an initial payment.

Keep on hold the prescriptions issued to clients and retrieve and activate them when the client requests for it.

Managhair Prescripción Consumidor

Loyalty Cards

Managhair Tarjetas de Fidelización

Loyalty cards behaves as bundles but without payment in advance.

When the client arrives under a certain period of time to the number of services specified on the loyalty card, it gets a complementary service or discount.

Create progressive loyalty cards to offer a higher discount for a certain service as far as the client keeps requesting the service on certain period of time.

You can link a loyalty card to a discount club, so that all the clients owning a loyalty card can enjoy the discounts set for that club.

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