Managhair / Alfaparf - Gestión integral de peluquería


Take control of your stock efficiently, products used in the salon, manual and automatic orders, see all the history.

Products Management

Introduce, edit or cancel products easily, create products promotions using promotions or clubs, see any supplier purchase history from the product record.

Managhair Gestión de Productos

Automatic Orders

Create an order for the products you need in a simple and effective way, use minimum and maximum product stock to make an automatic order.

Use professional usage information to make an order.

Managhair Pedidos automáticos

Products Statistics

Managhair Estadística de productos

See products in/out, units purchased and sold, units used in the salon or transferred to another salon, all in a period of time.

You can see the stock back in the time.

Stock Taking

With the products update tool, you can perform a quick stock taking. Managhair has a specific report to count everything.

Keep the stock taking to follow up anything and make sure there’s no product missing.

Managhair Inventario
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  • Vizcaya
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