Managhair / Alfaparf - Gestión integral de peluquería


Perform all sale operations, client debts, management, promotions, payments and daily tasks from just one single screen.

Exclusive system

All the information you need to perform a correct check-out procedure in just one screen, this system can handle several clients at a time, show programmed warnings, active loyalty programs, debts and any other important information related to clients.

Managhair Terminal Punto de Venta

Product retail

Take control of all your retail products from your point of sale, see your available stock.

The barcode reader will help you doing an express sale, just read the product barcode and select whose employee has sold it.

Managhair Venta de producto

Check out

Managhair Cobro de tickets

Managhair check-out process is very easy and will help your free-errors check-out.

You can use all existing payment options, besides new ones like gift certificates, prepay cards or pay with points.

Several tickets can be paid at once.

Mixed payment

Combine all available payment options in Managhair.

Clients can use any of the new payment systems together with the existing, you just need to write the amount in the dedicated field to complete the ticket amount.

The end of day report will show a payments breakdown.

Managhair Cobro Combinado

Daily task

Managhair Consumo Interno

From the point of sale terminal you have access to the most frequent options you use daily.

Click on a button to update your daily product spend.

Access other frequent tasks as your shift control, clients technical record, shopping list, tickets history, end of day, in and out money.

End of day

The end of day offers information about all day events, services and products summary, in and outs breakdown.

You can introduce your salon spending, water and power supplies, rent, etc. cash payments will be deducted from your takings.

Click on counted cash and it will help you counting bank notes and coins.

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